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Welcome! This web site is designed to give tips on how to generate 4 closings month.

Greetings from the founder of this Buyer System. This web site is designed to give you tips to close 4 transaction a month. Below are the qualities to be successful to make a 6 figure income. Follow these steps, and you will make money. Of course you need the leads coming in to your platform to get started. There are several options to participate in the buyer system.

As the incoming President of the Florida Association of REALTORS has stated, traditional REALTORS need to be involved in the REO/Foreclosure side of the business to survive. The banks do not want to hire more listing brokers because they have their net work in place, so the next step is to have buyers who are interested in foreclosures.

The number of people passing the State real estate exams is at an all time low. The people left in the business will have a bigger slice of the pie simply because less people are taking the steps to get in the business.

Here are the qualities it takes:

1. ANSWER THE TELEPHONE - Successful sales people answer the telephome and do not let calls go to voice mail.

2. ANSWER E MAILS - Respond to e mails immediately. Get a Blackberry or I Phone. Too expensive? Buy a used on on E Bay.

3. BAD NEWS - If there is bad news to report to a client, tell them immediately. Get it over with so a strategy can be created. People want to know information instantly vs. waiting.  

4.  MANAGER - If you do not know something, ask your manager. Your manager has been through any situation before and can offer advice to save time. Your manager is not your baby sitter, or secretary. "Hey Manager, I need to go out of town for vacation. I will tell everyone to call you." This is not the role of a manager.

5. FACE TO FACE MEETINGS - When meeting a client, give a range of time so you are not late. For example, "I will meet you at 123 Main Street at 3:00 - 3:15 P.M. This way traffic and delays will be absorbed, and anticipated, and no one gets upset.

6. MARKETING - Marketing gives you an edge over your competition. Depending upon your arrangement with your broker, you have built in marketing at your disposal. For example, use the limos for the foreclosure tours, taking clients to the closing, etc. And sell the client on the house warming party as well with the catering truck.

7. ANTICIPATE - To be a leader and successful, you must anticipate future events. What I meant by this is to "guess" what may be coming around the corner. Make a list, put an event on your calendar, etc.

8. MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICES - The real estate business is 99% computer based. You will need to be an expert on using the multiple listing services. You will need to learn the MLS systems on your own and cannot rely upon corporate for this training. There are classes, and the systems are pretty easy to use once you play around with them. Again, it is up to you to learn the MLS systems.

9. LAP TOP - You need a lap top and air card to have access to the internet where ever you go.  This is a tool for success. You can purchase a lap top from e bay for $300 - $400. And you can add for $20 per month a wireless internet plan.

10. TECHNOLOGY - Invest in the best technology. You will need a home office with all of the latest hardware and software. As your income increases, so will your investment in equipment.

11. DO A LITTLE BIT EACH DAY - As a salesperson, independent contractor, there are not any days off. You must get in the habit of doing a little bit each day. It is impossible to allow work to stack up and handle Monday - Friday from 9 - 5 PM. You are not a 9 - 5 sheep,  you are an independent business person. I log on to my system each and every day no matter what.

12. SOFTWARE - It is important to have some type of contact management software that sends out MLS print outs from your log in. There is not physical way to send out MLS searches manually.

13. FIGURE THINGS OUT ON YOUR OWN - To be successful, and generate income where you have a net worth, you will need to figure things out on your own. So many people are lazy and wait until someone, or something occurs before he/she can take the next step. So, figure things out on your own through trial and error and do not reply upon other people for your success. Become a leader and learn how to solve problems on your own. Too many people have what I call the "scratch off lottery mentality". They want to walk in, buy a ticket, rub it off and walk away with $5,000.00 dollars. They do not want to learn how to earn the $5,000.00 dollars. Once you learn something, you will always have the knowledge.

14. LOYALTY IS LACK OF A BETTER OFFER - With sales people, loyalty is lack of a batter offer. I am searching for people who can learn a system on their own vs. spending a lot of time on training, etc. to have them quit. So, we all know our relationship is most likely short term. Make the best of it while you are here, and learn as much as possible. If you do not produce consistently, a change is inevitable.

15. TURN YOUR WEAKNESS INTO POWER - What are you good at? What do you need to improve? Whatever you feel needs improvement can be changed. Write down what you want to change and every day work toward the goal of changing. If you have a weak link, change it to a strength. Look in the mirror and decide what you want to do, and create a plan of attack.

16. - SOCIAL MEDIA - Create facebook and twitter accounts to stay in touch with contacts. These social media tools can be used to post information on particular "good deals" to generate interest.

17. PERSONAL WEB SITE DOMAIN - Develop a web site with all of your personal information to help build relationships with clients. Post pictures, information, interests, resume', etc.

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